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With the production of this album, the group added another facet to its tried-and-tested diversity of compositions: The pieces were recorded at 4 unheard-of places that usually do not serve as concert halls. With that, the group aimed at capturing the very specific acoustics of each recording space – whether it was a bicycle workshop, a museum, an instrument maker’s manufactory, or a living room.

Release date: 01-06-2012

1.Baile de Morpheus
2.La Llorona
3.Die Deunigen
4.Mari Stanku
5.Stelzmüller Tänze
6.Die Mondscheinigkeit
7.Echt Nett
8.Naturjodler und Steirer Dreier
9.Pýtala sa mamicka, Milá moja, premilená moja
10.Los Papaquis
12.Mein liebster Tanz
13.L’inconnu de Limoise
14.Flik Flok- La fanfara dei bersaglieri