The Wolpertinger: A projection screen for adventurous taxidermists, disputable decoration at many mountain inns and first and foremost legendary mythical creature with an appearance that is rooted in tradition but has always been subject to variations and modernizations. And therefore, its fictitious place of origin is an adequate title for the new program of Federspiel:

Wolperting, which can be a place of myth and mysticism, two guiding threads running through the whole program. Trolls living in Norwegian waterfalls, a devil-like dance-crazed creature from Mexico and the rugged mountains of Davos are only some of the images that are translated into sound by the mixed wind section in both spherical as well as buoyant compositions. But it is also a place where the seemingly incompatible can form a fascinating unit. Here is where so-called Fiakerlieder (carriage songs), Aztec melodies and romantic folk songs can live side by side as an example for sound(ing) integration. On this foundation of utterly diverse traditions, the septet is building fantastic worlds of sound where electronical sounds are just as welcome as elements from minimal music and film music. What ties all of this together is the playfulness that is so characteristic of Federspiel, the joy in experimenting and the virtuosity that goes far beyond mere functionality.

An auditory experience that sparks joy.

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