The concept of our album “Smaragd” (Engl. emerald) constitutes a continuation of our “space concept”. With our 2nd album “unerhört bumm” (2012), we started experimenting with the acoustics of various quite unusual spaces: We recorded in a bicycle workshop, a manufactory for musical instruments, a living room, and the domed hall of the ethnological museum. Our previous album “Live aus dem Wiener Musikverein” was recorded in the Glass Hall of the Wiener Musikverein. “Smaragd” on the other hand was recorded in the Konzerthaus Weinviertel, an old renovated ballroom with acoustics that were immensely intriguing to us and proved to be perfectly suited for wind instruments. Musically, “Smaragd” is a collection of compositions by 3 different people, namely Matthias Werner, Frederic Alvarado Dupuy and Simon Zöchbauer, and is characterized by references to traditional Austrian folk music – sometimes in a new arrangement, sometimes unaltered and pure. The compositions always reflect the current experience of the respective person. One piece relates to the city of New York (15/8), another one deals with farewell (Avsked), yet another one is a confession of love (Lovingli) and one of them tells the tale of the melancholic ballerina and the tin soldier (Die melancholische Ballerina).

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