Alpine brass music topped off with a contemporary finish. For 10 years already. Almost uncanny musicianship meets the indispensable youthful and charming cheekiness in both playing and performance. Without reservations, the band of seven combines local folk music with elements from world music.
The group Federspiel was founded in 2004 in Krems an der Donau. They have been playing their way into the hearts of both listeners and critics ever since –reviews as well as their audience’s testimonies are living proof. They have already performed in the major concert halls and at the best-known festivals in Austria. Now, the group returns to the Wiener Musikverein to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a concert and the recording of a live CD.
An evening in typical Federspiel style is waiting for the audience, featuring the harmonious interplay between effortlessness and depth which – as always – is served with a dash of humor and self-irony.

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CD Live in “Wiener Musikverein”